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The first issue of the Good Practices Database Newsletter is out. This first issue contains two projects in the spotlight – Espace 16 “Temporary integration area” in Strasbourg and IRIS’s rehousing programme in Madrid, as well as news on the Portuguese National Roma Integration Strategy. It also contains an article by Javier Saez of Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) on how the economic crisis is affecting Spain’s Roma communities, as well as useful information on how to use the database.The newsletter will be issued on a trimestral basis.

Good practices

The Support Team of the SRSG for Roma Issues will include in the database transferrable, innovative, long-term impact-oriented projects that have been identified as good practices through cross-cutting assessments, including by beneficiaries, and validated as such by the Council of Europe or other national or international partners.

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Policies, strategy and action plans

This heading provides access to policies, strategies and action plans targeting the inclusion and improvement of the situation of the Roma, as well as information on thematic measures taken by authorities in this area. The fact that the member states referred to have adopted such policies justifies their inclusion within the good practices database, although caution is advisable with regard to the implementation and actual impact of these measures. Taken separately, they will appear, if applicable, under the heading "good practices".

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Any person or organisation wishing to submit what they consider to be a good practice or policy is invited to register as a contributor below.

Once the request has been validated by the Council of Europe, the contributor will receive an account login and password enabling him/her to complete and submit the good practice / policy form. This form will then be studied by the Pilot Group for possible validation and inclusion in the database

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