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Introducing the Romani language into school



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Romanian Ministry of Education and Research

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1992: Introduction for the first time of the Romani language in higher education. 2000: Starting year of the Governmental programme.

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Romania has one of the most highly developed systems for teaching the Romani language in Europe. On 20 October 1992, the first ever university-level Romani language course was launched at the Bucharest Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, with two-hour weekly classes.

The Romanian Ministry of Education works in close co-operation with Roma NGOs and non-Roma groups in developing a variety of Romani teaching programmes. The Government began showing interest in this issue when it launched the Strategy to improve the situation of the Roma population in Romania. This programme started being supported by the Government in October 2000.

In 2001 and 2002, 12,600 students were studying their mother tongue, Romani, for three to four hours per week.

In January 2001, the Government adopted Decision No. 23/11 expanding the Romani teaching programmes by creating the post of Deputy Director General in this field and appointing a Romani language adviser (for primary school children, teenagers and adults).

There is also a university level remote learning course for unqualified Roma teachers, i.e. teachers who have not previously studied at university.


Teaching the Romani language in school.

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Several strategic programmes have been launched in various schools for teaching in Romani, and 34 departments have initiated weekly classes in the Romani language. Other programmes introduced by the Ministry and various NGOs enable students to learn Romani outside school, for example in summer schools. Many foreigners are also attending these Romani language courses. The Ministry has appointed 42 school inspectors for Romani classes, half of them belonging to the Roma minority. Between January 2001 and June 2002, the Ministry of Education and Research established new teaching programmes for members of the Roma community. These programmes are also part of the General Implementation Plan for the Strategy to improve the situation of the Roma population.

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