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Photo Workshops for Roma children “Romany click”



  • Poland


Malopolska Region


Czarna Góra

Contact organisation: 

Roma Educational Association HARANGOS

Os. Teatralne 25/29

31-947 Kraków


contact person: Mrs  Małgorzata Mirga-Tas

+ 48 721 111 794


  • Culture
  • Roma history
  • romani language

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  • local
  • regional
  • transnational


The authors of the project – Marta Kotlarska photographer and sculptress Małgorzata Mirga-Tas (Roma origin) - decided to engage in a dialogue with stereotypes.


Roma children living in Roma settlements in rural areas do not have many interesting possibilities to spend free time. Often - children from the poorest areas - do not go on vacation anywhere. Project Romani Clic is a proposal for them to learn to how to spend useful time playing and learning at the same time. Value of the project is that the people working in it are also the young Roma  and  children have the comfort of talking on the Romany and Polish language. Participants  meet a role models who are young well educated Roma.

During the project children produce pinhole cameras and then they photograph the scene from a fairy tales. The pictures are illustrations for fairy tales written by John Mirga - Roma poet living and working in Czarna Gora. In the last phase of the project, young Roma led photography workshops for their Polish colleagues from the school and together organize an exhibition.


The main objective is artistic education of  Roma youth. Project provides  varieties of leisure activities for the holiday and artistic way of integration with the mates from  school. The project is carried out in stages: first, the Roma children learn Roma tales, later with instructors and tutors discuss it and set design to play a portion of a fairy tale. Then children produce pinhole cameras and photograph the scene from a fairy tale. The results of these activities are beautiful, large and magically looking images. After the workshop the exhibition of  these pictures and vernissage is organized and presented to a wider public.

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  • Romani


  • Civil society, including Roma community
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Method used: 

Workshop with brainstorming, discussions, presentations, theater and art classes.

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7-day session for approx. 30-50 participants – c.a. 7 500 EUR each year

What are the keys to success of this action? : 

Roma children acquire new skills and develop skills, they nice and usefully spend their free time, integrate within Roma and non Roma community. Lear about Roma history and Roma fairy tale.


What were the main difficulties encountered?: 

Financial support

What would you recommend to those carrying out a similar action?: 

  • lead such classes in Poland and abroad , also for children from other minorities
  • keep it systematic – few days each year.


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