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Workshop for foster families’ coaches on Roma culture and effective communication with Roma foster families



  • Poland





Contact organisation: 

Centrum Wspierania Rodzin „Swoboda”

ul. Swoboda 59

60-389 Poznań



Contact person: Mrs Emilia Szuda



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  • Culture
  • network

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Workshops was organized for coaches working with several foster families from Roma community in Poznan city Wielkopolska Region, western Poland). The phenomenon of foster families within Roma community is relatively often, although its scale is not recognized. Usually the Roma children are related to their foster families. As the coaches are no familiar with specificity of Roma culture there is a deep need to improve the knowledge on cultural background, its specificity and its consequences to professionals dealing with these families in order to improve their effectiveness and understanding of their clients.

The goal of the coaches is to prepare the foster families to proper care of children, then the monitoring of children situation within the foster families and support for all related stakeholders.


3-day workshop on Roma specificity, including history, tradition, religion, languages, internal structure of Roma in Poland, differences among clans, principles of Romanipen and Mageripena, current situation, support system and its effects  and possible channels to wider the cooperation on Roma families with relevant stakeholders (so called: Roma support teachers, Roma school assistants, Roma NGO and leaders, public institutions dealing with Roma issue on local, regional and central level etc.). The specific  situation and needs of Roma children in education was widely characterized as well as mutual relations between Roma community and social welfare system.

The goal: provide the wide scope of basic information on cultural specificity and history of culturally different clients to enable effective work with Roma background foster families.

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Method used: 

  • defining of needs
  • finding the experienced professional
  • workshop

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Human resources: 



Using the local infrastructure and resources of the institution:  approx. 2,000 € 

(for approx. 20 local staff: no transportation, no accommodation etc. ).

Estimated costs for national-wide similar project – approx. 5,000 €.

What are the keys to success of this action? : 

The organization’s will to define the needs.

Finding the experienced specialist on Roma situation in whole aspects: culture and current situation, with knowledge of the institutional Roma “friendly” environment to make a network and further support.

What were the main difficulties encountered?: 

No special difficulties.

What would you recommend to those carrying out a similar action?: 

To copy! Coaches of the Roma foster families could be  next of the key professionals group (alongside with teachers, mediators, journalist etc.) to improve the Roma community situation.